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Business MAAN Shiraz 19
Business MAAN Shiraz 19 Business MAAN Shiraz 19

You’ve heard of Shiraz, we’ll spare you the introductions. This wine is dry, firm, confident and classy, much like a business handshake. The formal introduction of a touch of white brings class, finesse and synergy to our version of a classic variety.

This wine is the ultimate power move at your next luncheon, It’s the business! 

PRODUCTION NOTES: This was the first shiraz we’ve made in 4 years, with the intention of selling as a straight shiraz. This was something we were looking forward to, but at the same time wanted to make a wine that was “on-brand” for us. So we were keen to get away from the bigger richer style of most McLaren Vale shiraz’, and attempt to make something more along the lines of Northern Rhone Syrah’s, especially the elegant prettier styles of Cotê Rotie. We were able to get our hands on the lees of some white frontignac, and with an overall addition of 4% of the white aromatic lees to our shiraz ferment, we were able to increase the velvety mouthfeel of the wine as well as providing a beautiful floral lift to the aromatics of the wine. It did the job as this wine ended up more medium bodied, with an elegance and femininity we seem to find in all our Rhone wines!

EYE: Light crimson colour, with a slightly purple hue. Quite light comparatively for McLaren Vale shiraz.

NOSE: Hugely lifted nose, very pretty and floral. Some violets, rose petal, and juniper. Lots of strawberry and even some tropical fruits such as guava. And an intriguing hint of raspberry lemonade, or I guess if you were to break it down, vanilla, red fruits and citrus.

PALATE: A more medium-bodied wine, and dare I say “syrah” in style. A bit of black pepper, slight sultana, and satsuma plum flavours. Lovely mid-palate weight, which is indicative of an early consumption wine, but with lingering flavours on the gentle finish. Much of the fruit spectrum is in the purple realm, and a lot of the floral characters follow through from the nose to the palate. Ready to go now, but will also age nicely for the next 5-8 years.

Cellaring potential: Now until 2025

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