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Dapper MAAN Grenache 17

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Dapper MAAN Grenache 17
Dapper MAAN Grenache 17 Dapper MAAN Grenache 17

The Dapper MAAN Grenache embodies all the virtues we associate with the term "dapper"; Elegance, style, generosity, class, sophistication and of course handsomeness.

In wine terms that equates to a delicate and pretty wine, with a soft, supple mouthfeel. Full of flavours of sweetfruits, spice and subtle oak. Perfect for any drinker with a brain... or heart

Visually: Beautiful deep ruby. Really showcase’s the elegance of the 2017 vintage.

Nose: Boysenberry, cherries, plum in the fruit spectrum. Vanillin, cedar and mocha from the oak. And a touch of spice from the vineyard and barrels. Quite tight, but opens up nicely with some time in glass.

Palate: Luscious and soft tannins make for a deliciously drinkable wine, with well-structured acidity providing the backbone. Lots of juicy purple fruits, and a lasting finish.

Notes: From the unseasonable ’17 vintage where a cooler and extended growing season led to the creation of wines with a lot of finesse and low alcohols, this vintage of the Dapper MAAN Grenache is a different beast. It’s leaner and racier, with a fine elegance. It’s pretty, yet still has a lot of uncoiling to do.  

Cellaring potential: Now until 2023.

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