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The Story

Founded in an Adelaide garage in 2014, MAAN is a family owned business, operated by two cousins who are deeply embedded in the wine industry. We're an Australian Startup Winery with a difference, we're more than just wine makers, we're change makers, experience makers, and some might even say trouble makers.

Our MAANtra began as a simple idea, but remains to this day; "Make seriously good wines, that don't take themselves too seriously!

Our focus is on producing small batch, hand made wines that showcase the best that the McLaren Vale has to offer. We deliver our wines direct from the winery to your doorstep. The wines are approachable, affordable, accessible and most of all, exceptionally handsome.

Our journey is just beginning, and our wine story is still being written, come along for the ride!


Anthony & Matt

The MAAN with a plan!

The old way of buying wine sucks. This is the MAAN way.

Welcome To Flavour Country

We beleive in yummy wines made to suit pretty much any occasion.

No Wankers

We beleive wine isn't just reserved for the wine wankers out there.

Stacked Cellars

We believe your cellar should never be empty and you shouldn't need a second mortgage to fill it.

A Good Pair

Our wines go great with pretty much anything, so we beleive you should be able to pair your wine with whatever the hell you want.

Hey Friend

We beleive customers are friends we haven't met... Yet.

Enjoy Responsibly. Ish.

We beleive in good times and doing what feels good

The Brand

The MAAN Brand & Artwork is a collaboration with Melbourne based designer Tom Rumble. The brand stems from the founders initials, and the label artwork represents the personalities of the wine names & styles.

Our aim has always been to make wines that are varietally true, but definitely not constrained to a recipe. The beauty of this game is dealing with the challenges Mother Nature throws at us, and to try to make wines that can really showcase that particular year and region. And with a company as small as ours, this gets exacerbated and the the wines can change from vintage to vintage quite a bit. Which is just the way we like it.

The Team

Like any good wine, a business partnership requires the perfect pairing. Matt Anderson, a Melbourne based Marketer, and Anthony Neilson, a seasoned Winemaker based in Adelaide, combine to form the perfect MA-AN.

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The Winemaking

Basically we keep it as simple as possible. Now, we could be as boring as everyone else and say we make “Fruit-driven, minimal intervention wank wank knobber wines”, and although that is somewhat true, it also doesn’t paint the whole picture. We like to treat each wine differently, and keep their identity’s as different as possible. Having said that there are some consistencies in the process across all our wines: 
We use a basket press for all of our wines. An old school method which ensures a soft press and treats the wine with a lot of finesse. 
Being a small producer, all our batches are quite small so lot’s of TLC goes into each one.   
Our Reds are all fermented in open fermenters.
All our wines are fermented utilising wild yeasts
Our Whites/Rose’s all undergo batonage, which is a fancy way of saying the solids in the wine get a regular stir to help create mouthfeel and texture
Oak is utilised sparingly to retain freshness and fruit
No fining or filtration

The Region

McLaren Vale has it all. The ever changing scenery, sustainable winegrowing, vibrant culinary experiences and all just 45 minutes from Adelaide. South Australia's viticultural origins began in McLaren Vale, and the regions mediterranean climate continues to drive the regions wine style and diverse food culture.The region boasts over 30 kilometres of breath-taking coastline and ranges define McLaren Vale's boundaries, and the distinct landscapes and environment within.

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