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Hit MAAN Nero 19
Hit MAAN Nero 19 Hit MAAN Nero 19

Nero D’Avola, the predominant red variety of Sicily, is a perfect match for the climate of the McLaren Vale. This wine is ‘made’ to be bright, medium-bodied, delicious and is best consumed with friends and ‘la famiglia’.

It’s sure to be a hit (right to the back of the head). Saluti

PRODUCTION NOTES: Nero d’avola is the lazy winemaker’s dream variety. It’s got so much natural acidity, nice tannin structure, and bright juicy fruit character that the biggest task we have is to make sure we don’t muck around with it too much and ruin the natural instincts inherent in the grape. We made the 2019 Hit MAAN with this in mind, so we kept it very simple. This wine was wild fermented in open fermenters, receiving two light pump-overs a day. The free-run was kept separate from the pressings (basket pressed to retain a lighter touch), with the free run fraction staying in tank until bottling to retain freshness and brightness. Whilst the pressings fraction (about 33%) which was a more tannic and “bigger” style, was aged in older barrels, to help soften some of the tannins and give a little spicy character. This was all combined prior to bottling.

EYE: Beautiful ruby colour. Purplish hue. Really bright and youthful

NOSE: Packed with red fruits on the nose. Especially in the red berry spectrum. Tonnes of raspberry, mulberry, boysenberry and even blueberry. Countered by a touch of herbaceousness like fennel, thyme flowers. Bit of a doughy nose that combined with the fruit reminds me of freshly baked fruit tarts. Although very fresh and bright on the nose, there are hints of secondary characters waiting to come out in years to come. Bit of the old cherry cola, tarriness, and ink.

PALATE: The berry smorgasbord carries through on the palate. Bit richer than the nose suggests. Medium weight, some riper characters like stewed plums and dark cherries. Light and zippy but with a gentle tannin profile and lingering finish. Nice prominent tannins but not in an obvious way, just the you can sense they’re there without intruding. That is to say, they’re smooth as fuck! Incredibly smashable, a real down-the-hatch special. Some confected characters pop out on second taste like musk sticks, toffee apple chews and even a touch of dark chocolate/coconut from the 33% seasoned oak used in production. Drink in the next 5 years.

Cellaring potential: Now until 2025

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