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Handy MAAN GMS 17
Handy MAAN GMS 17 Handy MAAN GMS 17

Handy MAAN GMS embodies all the virtues we associate with the term "Handy"; Accesible, practical, convenient, ever versatile and always great value. The blend of these 3 varieties gives this wine a perfect balance of power and restraint. The Grenache gives lifted flavours of strawberry and guava; The Mourvedre, spice and complexity; And the Shiraz, colour and guts. Making it a wine which offers something for everyone, in any situation.

Visually: Dark ominous purple, with lighter crimson hues.

Nose: Leaps out of the glass with blackberries, rose petal, rhubarb, vanilla, and some tropical fruits. Freshly baked scones with newly whipped cream and homemade raspberry jam.

Palate: Decadence meets drinkability. It has a lot of complexity, real structure with the Grenache, softness and spice from Mourvedre, and guts and sweet fruit from the shiraz, so it’s a wine that you could think about for hours. But is just as easily thrown down the hatch with gay abandon due to its goddamn deliciousness.

Production: Bottled after 10 months in old oak, we managed to trap it’s youthful exuberance. Yet having had 2 years plus of bottle ageing, the richness and complexing characters are now meshing to form a really special wine.

Cellar potential: Now until 2025


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