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New wine in store, just in time for summer

New wine in store, just in time for summer
The 2016 vintage was a godsend for Chenin Blanc grapes grown in McLaren Vale, so after some careful nurturing we are very excited to be finally releasing our first white wine The 2016 Flirty MAAN Chenin Blanc

With loads of stone fruit and melon aromas like white nectarine, peach, honeydew and rockmelon. As well as a subtle lift of floral notes such as white jasmine and apple blossom. Brought together by a crisp acidic backbone, and a refreshing dry finish.
This wine has something for all white lovers: It's seemingly straightforward and smashable, but those who like a bit of complexity will be rewarded by the restrained texture and interest built through subtle use of skin contact.

The perfect drink for summer as it heats up in this gloryhole of a country...

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