MAAN Wines

The definitive quiz to determining whether you're a Hipster

Before you begin, grab a pen and paper and keep a tally of everything you answer yes to...
  1. Do you drink out of jam jars?
  2. Do you only drink short black coffees?
  3. Do you make people mixtapes?
  4. Do you provide descriptors for the coffee you are tasting?
  5. Do you have a vinyl collection?
  6. Do you have a vinyl collection and no record player?
  7. Do you like One Direction ironically?
  8. Do you like bands that none of your friends have heard of?
  9. Do you have a man bun?
  10. Do you have a top not?
  11. Do you have an undercut?
  12. Have you had a bowl cut over the age of 10?
  13. Would people describe your beard as unruly 
  14. Have you ever worn skinny jeans?
  15. Do you have a job that no one else understands?
  16. Do you use social media?
  17. Are you in a band?
  18. Do you own a vintage motorcycle?
  19. Do you live in a party of town people would refer to as trendy?
  20. Have you ever shaved one side of your head?
  21. Do you only drink craft beer?
  22. Do you like kale?
  23. Do you drink canned beer?
  24. Do you wear a pair of non-prescription glasses?
  25. Are you a bartender?

Leave your score in the comments below and we'll let you know how much of a hipster you are!

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