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5 great wine choices for Christmas Day

Christmas lunches and dinners present a prime time to try new wines and wine pairings as well as getting disappointed by the shit jokes in a the bon bons¬†ūüéȬ†

Check out the MAAN Guide to Christmas wine pairings:

Prawn Cocktail

The 1970's retro classic which still gets a guernsey on Christmas Day and never disappoints (unless you leave the sauce in the sun too long). Depending on how tangy the sauce is, you'll want a high acid, fruit driven white wine like Chenin Blanc, get some here.

Fish & Oysters

The MAAN Fam doesn't normally indulge in fish on Christmas Day but there are a lot of you out there that do. Match salty natural oysters with Muscadet and other fish with Chardonnay, but if you don't have either of those, its guaranteed you have some bubbles (sparkling wine) open, these pairings never fail.

Leg Ham

Ham can be as salty as hell, and depending on whether you're smothering it with a honey or cherry glaze, it can be tricky matching it to wine. You'll want a wine that can cut through the fatty sweetness of the meat and glaze but still has good fruit character to compliment the little piggy. A good Clare Valley Riesling should do the trick, and you should be able to pick one up for under $20. Oink Oink.

Roast Chicken & Turkey

Who doesn't love Turkey on Christmas day with a bit of cranberry sauce and stuffing. You'll want to pair a wine which has notes of red fruits and herbs to compliment the flavours with the Turkey. People often think to pair white wine with white meat, but we would recommend a Pinot Noir or Grenache to go with this dish. We're obviously a bit bias, but the Dapper MAAN Grenache works beautifully with Christmas Fowl. Gobble Gobble.

Christmas Pudding & Custard

Christmas pudding is the easiest of the pairings, with its cooked fruit character, nuttiness and sweat dark currant notes the best choice is a Tawny. The wine is cheap as chips, and keeps forever (not literally, but you know what we mean), so if you've had it in years past, chances are there's probably already a bottle open in your booze cabinet. On an unrelated note, please remember not to bust your teeth on the coin in the pudding.

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