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Dapper Grenache 17

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The Dapper MAAN Grenache embodies all the virtues we associate with the term "dapper"; Elegance, style, generosity, class, sophistication and of course handsomeness.

In wine terms that equates to a delicate and pretty wine, with a soft, supple mouthfeel. Full of flavours of sweetfruits, spice and subtle oak. Perfect for any drinker with a brain... or heart

Food Pairing

Peking Duck



Wine Specs

Region: McLaren Vale
 Now until 2023
 Contains Sulphites
alc / vol: 
Standard Drinks: 
Bottle Volume: 
Blend info: N/A

Cases Produced:

Tasting Notes

Boysenberry, Cherries, Plum, Vanilla, Oak, Mocha

Post Yours

    From the
    unseasonable ’17 vintage where a
    cooler and extended growing
    season led to the creation of wines
    with a lot of finesse and low
    alcohols, this vintage of the Dapper
    MAAN Grenache is a different
    beast. It’s leaner and racier, with a
    fine elegance. It’s pretty, yet still
    has a lot of uncoiling to do.


    Beautiful deep ruby.
    Really showcase’s the elegance of
    the 2017 vintage.

    Boysenberry, cherries, plum
    in the fruit spectrum. Vanillin, cedar
    and mocha from the oak. And a
    touch of spice from the vineyard
    and barrels. Quite tight, but opens
    up nicely with some time in glass.

    Luscious and soft tannins
    make for a deliciously drinkable
    wine, with well-structured acidity
    providing the backbone. Lots of
    juicy purple fruits, and a lasting finish.


Do your wines contain sulphur?

In short, yes. We use a tinsy bit so that we can ensure quality and enable your wine to age well, rather than spoil within a short timeframe like some 'natural' wines.

Are your wines organic?

We source our grapes from a number of different growers and some of them are certified organic, and some aren't.

How much does shipping cost?

Depends how much you're ordering and where you're shipping to. Generally speaking, the closer you are to Melbourne or Adelaide, the cheaper it will be. All shipping prices are calculated at the checkout, but order 12 or more bottles and receive free shipping.

Which restaurants / stores stock your wines?

It changes regularly but you're welcome to contact our distributors

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