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A cheapskate's guide to food and wine pairings

A random collection of odd food and wine pairings - links to more information on the wines are included. Feel free to leave your best pairings in the comments section below! Marsala & Chocolate Chip Cookies Tacos & Riesling Popcorn & Chardonnay Peanut butter icecream & Beaujolais Potato chips & Champagne Sushi & Rosé Cheeseburgers & Lambrusco Mac and Cheese & Chardonnay Red bean chillie & Sparkling Wine Sausage & Gewurtztraminer Chianti & Lamb Champagne with anything Cheezles & Riesling Lambrusco & Salami Shiraz & Indian Food Barolo & Meat Pie Fruit Bar & Rosé Cured Meats & Vermentino Beer Can Chicken & Arneis Microwave Pizza & Sangiovese Ramen & White Zinfandel Cheesecake & Torrentes Beef Jerkey & Merlot Jelly & Colombard...

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How to play Wine Pong, a much classier version of Beer Pong

Few party games are so well-known and well-liked as Beer Pong. However we're much classier group of drunkards, so we're adding an exciting twist to the game we love so dearly. What you will need: Plastic cups (preferably the red uni party variety) A rectangle table - A dining, outdoor or table tennis table will suffice A ping pong / table tennis ball Depending on the playing surface, either red or white wine. If you're playing on carpet, don't even think about using red wine. If you're playing outdoors, go you're hardest with the red. 2-4 players - depending if you want to play teams A bucket filled with water to rinse the ball between throws, and the cups between...

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Chrissie's famous Peach Slice Recipe

Ingredients 2/3 Cup Self-Raising Flour 1/3 Cup Plain Flour 1/3 Cup Castor Sugar 90g Butter – Chopped 1/2 Cup Milk 1 Egg, Lightly Beaten  1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence Large Tin/Tub of Sliced Peaches (Approx. 825g - Natural Juice)   Topping 1/3 Cup Sugar  1/4 Cup Plain Flour 30g Butter, Chopped (Combine sugar and sifted flour in bowl, rub in butter)   Directions Grease a 19cm x 29cm Lamington Pan.  Line base and sides with paper, grease paper. Sift flours into bowl, add sugar and rub in butter.  Add combined milk, egg and essence, stir until combined.   Spread two thirds of the mixture into prepared pan.  Top with peaches (drained).  Drop tablespoons of remaining mixture over peaches, sprinkle with topping. Bake...

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Buy wine online using Apple Pay

We are very excited to announce that we can now accept Apple Pay at checkout for iPhone, iPad and Safari Browser users on Apple Mac computers. This means that you can buy with a single touch, and avoid having to put in that boring address and credit card information. The information selected in your Apple Pay account will be used to process payment, making it the easiest way to buy wine online.

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A beginners guide to decanting wine

In simpleton terms, decanting is the process of pouring a bottle of wine into another vessel. Now decanters can come in all shapes and sizes, and there can be a lot of wank-i-ness associated with the ritual, but we will try to demystify it as much as possible. The key act of decanting old and youthful wines is the incredible effect it can have on the nose (smell) and taste (flavour) of the wine, with it tasting drastically different to when it was first opened. This is due to the introduction of oxygen to the wine. Oxygen has the ability to release the volatile compounds within the wine, which are the base for “lifting” the flavours we can smell/taste out...

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