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How to sabre a bottle of sparkling wine, like a lord

Sabrage is a technique for opening a bottle of champagne with a sabre, typically for special occasions. 


  1. Make sure the bottle of champagne or sparkling wine is nice and cold.
  2. Remove the foil at the top of the bottle.
  3. Remove the wire cage at the top of the champagne bottle which holds down the cork (be careful not to allow the cork to pop prematurely).
  4. Grab the largest, thickest kitchen knife (or a sword, if you happen to have one lying around the house).
  5. Find the seam of the bottle, it should run vertically from top to bottom
  6. Now for the fun part, whilst holding the bottom side of the bottle, run the back side of the knife swiftly from the base of the neck of the bottle along the seam to the neck of the wine bottle so that it catches on the top lip of the bottle.
  7. Ideally the very top part of the bottle should fly off, and you should be left with a severed top with a stream of fizz flying out. From time to time this doesn’t work however, and the bottle will explode in your hands so be very careful. 

Pro Tips

  • Make sure there are no light fixtures nearby
  • Do not point the bottle directly at someone

How it works

A bottle of champagne typically holds a significant amount of pressure (approximately 90 psi) all of which is attempting to push the cork out of the bottle. At the top of the bottle, there is a lip which creates a stress concentration and hit it with the right force in the right spot, and hey presto.

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