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How to open a bottle of wine with a cork

  1. Firstly you'll need to find a corkscrew also known as a wine key or waiters friend.
  2. Place a knife under the lip of the bottle and turn the bottle to remove the foil. Some corkscrews come with a swiss army style knife on the end, some with a pizza cutter style cutter, both do the trick.
  3. Position the corkscrew in the centre of the cork and twist.
  4. Place the first step of the corkscrew onto the lip of the bottle.
  5. Lift the handle of the corkscrew until the cork is halfway out of the wine bottle.
  6. Repeat using the second step of the corkscrew, pulling until the cork is almost out.
  7. Use your hand to pull the cork out the rest of the way, until you hear that all familiar pop sound. Be careful not to pull too hard and spill the wine.

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